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8th Fe 11

It's 2011 already. Holy shit! Time sure does fly...
It's been silent for far too long. I think most of you guys already realized that I would never complete Super Robotnik Land II, heh, so instead of just keeping the unfinnished product to myself for the rest of my life, I'm now releasing it(4 full stages!) aswell as Morshu - The Adventure & The King is Gay, all FULLY PLAYABLE and EDITABLE (Game Maker files included for the editing). I love all the support I got from you guys, but I feel like im getting too old for this really and I got zero motivation left. But someday I might return... Might...

10th Sep 09

Just updating the news a bit (not like anyone will ever read this untill the game is oficially out lol), but anyways. Ive fixed a few small problems with the game and have made it just a little bit harder, since it was really too easy before. I will soon work on a mini-boss and then continue on creating stage 6! Btw, there will probably be 8, 9 or 10 stages in the game, if anyone cares (lol).

19th Jun 09

Launching the website today. I will keep it secret for some time though, since the game is far from finnished. If anyone manages to find this website though, please send me a message on my youtube acc (Dezzan) and you will win a special prize! :) (8/2/11 THIS OBVIOUSLY DOESNT COUNT ANYMORE!!)